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Congratulations to everyone who participated in the St Vincent’s Scrubs Run.


Race results for runners (walkers were not timed)


It was a bright sunny day filled with kids games, live music, good food and great company. A huge thanks and acknowledgement goes out to the many volunteers and motivated fundraisers who contributed not only their time but also their enthusiasm. The event was a great success because of your participation.


Top Individuals

  • Maureen Walters Sister Maureen Walters Scrubs Run $4,628.00
  • Patricia O'Rourke Patricia's Scrubs Run Fundraising Page $4,000.00
  • Michael Murphy Michael Murphy $1,614.00

Top Teams

  • Maryanne CONFOY RSC Team $8,638.00
  • Yi Yuen Wang Clinical Neuroscience $8,519.00
  • Nik Ding Team Gastro $1,755.00